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The logo of Acoustik

For books, pictures, iPads, folders, notices ...

Unique, elegant, modern
Acoustik Music Stand

The logo of Acoustik

Unique, elegant, modern
Acoustik Music Stand

For books, pictures, iPads, folders, notices ...

The Heart plus quaver logo of Acoustik

Join the elite!

Black metal
Knobs, rivets, origami, (swearing?)

Simple, stylish, colourful.
No knobs, no rivets, no origami
Relaxed, looking good!

How it's made

The "bones" (Foot, Legs, Backbone, Head) are cut from birch-faced sustainable plywood from Latvia. This is then hand dyed with water-based dyes and water-based varnish

The "joints" (Ankle, Hip, Neck - and the Feet) are made by 3D printing from biodegradable PLA derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane

The adjustability is due to a specially made flexible neodymium magnet flown in from China 

The design has taken several years and many attempts to perfect. It is assembled and made in Herefordshire, by me! OK, I used to be a childrens entertainer called Wizard Wonky.

So easy to use!

The Foot slots onto the Leg

The Legs join at the Hip

The Back goes over the Hip

The Head slips on the top

The back leg slots into the cross piece which is the back feet.
The back leg slots into the hip widget which is at the top of the front leg
The backbone attaches to the magnet on top of the front leg
The Head, or bookrest slots onto the top of the Back Bone

Use for: 

  • Music sheets or folders

  • Knitting patterns

  • Recipe books

  • Pictures

  • Notices to display

  • iPad & tablets (takes 1.5kg)

Rotating view of the assembled Acoustik. Cool!


  • 450 x 300mm

  • Weighs only 1.5kg

  • Adjusts from 67cm to 120cm to the ledge

  • Ideal for standing or sitting in chair

  • Can be used as a table stand (extra leg included)

The Feel Good Factor!

  • The Acoustik costs £89.95 
  • Includes table stand option, music clips and bag 
  • To order more than one Acoustik, choose your colour again, then just press "Add To Cart" again (and again....)
  • Carriage is £5 per order within mainland Britain, added at Checkout. Anywhere else and I'll email you the extra cost, if any
  • Pay by Paypal (you don't need a Paypal a/c)

Lots to read!

  • Orders & Deliveries

    All orders will be packed and sent as within 3 days. Multicoloured Acoustiks may have to wait for another batch to be hand made. Deliveries will come via myHermes. If there are any delays (I am human...) I will inform you straight away.

  • Details - dimensions

    The Foot is 550mm wide.
    The Head is 450mm wide, 300mm tall With a 30mm deep ledge.
    The height adjusts from 670mm to the ledge for a child seated to 1150mm for a tall adult.
    It weighs about 1.5kg.
    We aim to be, as much as possible, environmentally responsible, biodegradable (eventually, don’t worry!), and maybe even vegan.

  • Why are they made?!

    I cant get the hang of those boring, flimsy black metal music stands! Quite simply - they were due for a re-design. This was the process.

    • Empathise – with users
    • Define – their needs and problems and make insights
    • Ideate – challenging assumptions and try innovative solutions
    • Prototype and test!

    Which is how I came up with wood, magnets, 3D printing and COLOUR!

  • How does it fit together?

    There is a Foot, with two white Feet and an Ankle Joint.
    The Back Leg slots into the Ankle joint (with arrows).
    The top of the Leg slots into the Hip Joint which is on the Front Leg.
    The Front Leg has two magnetic strips and a white Foot.
    The Backbone slots into the Neck Joint and its magnet adjusts up and down the Leg.
    The Head sits on the Neck Joint.
    The extra Hip joint at the top of the Head is where the short Leg with a white Foot slots in to use as a Table Stand.

  • Secrecy!

    PLEASE don't keep it a secret! Tell everyone! And email me a quick review that i could use or any comments if you wouldn't mind.

    However I WILL keep your purchase a secret and wont give your email address or any other details to anyone else.